Author: Sheridan

All About Smok

Smok was built around 2005 by Amber Boats in Poland for a private Polish customer, Andrzej Miczyk, who commissioned them directly to build the boat for him. It was a one off and was never a show boat, nor did any models following get based on it. Whilst having the boat built, Mr Miczyk decided

Pte William Hutchins

William Hutchins was born in Devizes on June 8th 1877. William’s mother, Martha, nee Dally, didn’t have the best start in life. Her mother died when she was only a year old. At the age of 16, in 1855, Martha and her sister Mary Ann were convicted of stealing a muslin de laine dress, which

Back on the Water

Today was handover day! Smok is ours and we’re back on a boat at last! Everything on our snagging list has been dealt with, all the paperwork has been signed, and all the bills have been paid. In the morning we spent over an hour with John Drinkwater at Hilperton Marina, going over how Smok works