Smok’s Survey

Today was Smok’s survey! We were very lucky to be encouraged by our surveyor, Ben Sutcliffe, to attend the survey. Not only was it a great opportunity to see what lies beneath the waterline, but we also had the chance to ask endless questions while Ben worked. He was immensely kind, answering all our queries

Swanborough Tump

If you’re a fan of The Last Kingdom like us, you’ll get excited about this landmark a short walk from Lady’s Bridge (bridge 120), near Wilcot and Woodborough. Here in the year 871 the future King Alfred the Great met his elder brother King Aethelred I on their way to fight the invading Danes and

How to Research a WW1 Soldier

The order in which you perform these searches depends on what you already know, what you find, and whether the man died in the war. You may need to revisit earlier searches as you find new information. Interviews and Heirlooms Interview family members. Examine any evidence the family may have at home. You may find medals (the names

War Memorials

One of my major research interests is the Great War, known today as World War One. I will be researching the impact of the war on the canal, and the families who lived and worked there.  One way to find local families who were affected by the war is to look at war memorials in