Roses and Castles – a library

I am looking forward to learning to paint roses and castles in our little study on Smok. I am building up a fantasic library of books about the history and techniques of traditional canal art:

Roses and Castles, Robert J. Wilson, 1976.

Colours for Cruisers, John M. Hill, 1992.

From Stem to Stern, John M. Hill, 1989.

Flowers Afloat: Folk Artists of the Canals, A. J. Lewery, 1996.

Narrow Boat Painting: a history and description of the English narrow boats’ traditional paintwork, A. J. Lewery, 1974.

Simple Steps To Roses And Castles, Shirley Ginger (Author), Stephanie Ginger (Photographer), 1986.

Paint Roses and Castles, Traditional Narrowboat Painting for Homes and Boats, Anne Young, 1992.